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Island Bridge productions is about to host a sequel of workshops in Saudi Arabia at the Hakaya MiSK 2019.

Hakaya MiSK is a well-established international event hosted in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region which explores the world of content and storytelling in its various formats. There have been many editions of Hakaya MiSK since its inception in 2015 and has taken place so far in Saudi Arabia (various cities), Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Hakaya Misk 2019 will offer local participants a series of training and workshops in film production, animation, directing, drawing and writing and will bring together creative people in the numerous disciplines of storytelling from around the world. This event nurtures original and visionary talent to exchange knowledge and share artistic processes through hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and discovering innovative new products and services. The key sections are categorized in the production preparation, pre-production, production and post-production phases of film and animation pipelines.

Riad, capital of Saudi Arabia

Our producer will be presenting 3 different workshops with the duration on 2 hours each. Each workshop will be presented 3 times at the event.

WORKSHOP 1 - Cinematopgraphy Quality - Cinematopography Movement & Scale - Live demonstration

WORKSHOP 2 - Cinematopgraphy Techniquies - Cinematopgraphy Composition & Framing - Live demonstration


-Principles of Cinematopography - Intro to Cinematopgraphy - Live demonstration

In addition, Island Bridge Producers are invited to participate in a meet and greet with some of the key influencers that are shaping the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia.

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