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From November 5 to 11, in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Hakaya Misk, an event that brings together a film festival, immersive techonlogial exhibitions and workshops will take place. Island Bridge Productions, owned by director and producer Jo Rauen was invited to presents four cinematography workshops for an audience of about 2000 people. The topics covered will be: “Principles of Cinematography”, “Directing a Scene”, “DSLR Cameras - Theory and Practice” and “Behind the Industry”. In addition to the producer, the Island Bridge team in composed by the directors Bruce Logan and Matthew Tibbeham and the writing duo Stephanie Joalland and Sean Macconville. 

The first movie theater in Saudi Arabia only opened in 2018, after more than 35 years of banning it for religious reasons,” says Rauen. “Hakaya is a defining moment in the transformation of the country, aiming to be a more vibrant society. It is a great satisfaction and responsibility to be part of this story.

Here is a bit about the Island Bridge team:

Jo Rauen: Producer, director and editor based in New York. Jo has worked with Amazon Prime, Netflix, New York Film Academy, Symphony of New York and other major players, such as, the renowned Hollywood director Guillermo Del Toro, and the Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman.

Bruce Logan: London-born Logan is a two-time Emmy-winning Writer/Director, a two time winner of advertising’s most coveted award, a Golden Lion at the Cannes film festival, and has several Superbowl spots to his credit. A Director/Cameraman specialized in Comedy, Action and Special Visual Effects, who has worked on classics such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Airplane, Batman Forever - special effects have become second nature to him.

Matthew Tibbenham: Matthew Tibbenham is a British-American who grew up in Plano, TX. After moving to New York City to more actively purse a career in film directing, Matthew worked on the horror film, Sinister (2012), and Deliver Us From Evil (2014), both from director Scott Derrickson (Marvel´s Doctor Strange). In 2019 he has released his directorial debut, Survivng Confession, thru Island Bridge Productions.

Stéphanie Joalland: Stéphanie Jolland is a screenwriter/director whose feature film THE QUIET HOUR won best British feature film at Raindance Film Festival, Sofia Film Festival, and Kansas City Filmfest in 2014. She graduated from UCLA and has worked with Luc Besson’s Europa Corp and is currently developing her next project, ICE, a contained science-driven sci-fi thriller. 

Sean McConville: Sean McConville is a screenwriter/director who wrote and directed DEADLINE with Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch. He also worked in the SFX department on big budget studio movies including Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Sean is currently prepping his next feature film, THE LAST MOON, which is a great horror script that he’s shooting early next year with Stéphanie Joalland. 

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